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How Can We Help You

How Can We Help You?


Pre-booking your activities with us will be hassle-free.  We will confirm tours with no stress and will guarantee your spot on the day that you choose.  Manuel Antonio is a hot spot of activity and pre-bookings are a must.

Sport Fishing

 Half day inshore or full day offshore Quepos has an amazing Marina, and our fishing is as good as it gets.  No exaggeration here as we host World Championship tournaments.  Exceptional variety of sport fish depending on the time of year.  Catch and eat tonight!


Sail fish and Marlin here are catch and release so that others can enjoy the bounty.


Waterfall Adventure

 Head out on a bus heading south to explore waterfalls and rivers to the south of Quepos.  A full day of exploration with lunch 

included.  An excellent way to see more of the country without needing a rental vehicle.


Canopy Tour

Choose one of many zip-lining tours in the treetops of the jungle.  Learn about the flora and fauna and the richness of the rainforest 



Surf Lessons/Stand Up Paddle

Manuel Antonio is an excellent beginner beach to try your hand at the sport of Kings.  (All classes of people surfed, but the Hawaiian Kapu system of laws was in place.  Chiefs were tops, and they used the sport to prove their strength, agility and royalty over the commoners.  They even held contests with land as the stakes!)


For more experienced surfers there are many different breaks and beaches practically every 20 minutes.


Jet Ski

One of our favorite tours!  Head out on the Pacific with your guide on the jet ski solo or as a pair.  It is a great way to explore the insanely diverse coastline of Quepos to Manuel Antonio Park. Fast and Furious action.


Ocean Cruise

Several options depending on your style.  Spend the morning or afternoon enjoying the coastline and enjoying the Pacific.  Possible dolphin and whale sightings depending on the time of the year. This is a more relaxed way of getting out on the ocean and enjoying the scenery. 


Villa Vanilla or Chocolate Tour

Spend half a day exploring an organic farm learning about spices, herbs, and medicinal uses of local plants. Each tour is different and unique


Spa Day

Have an amazing day of pampering yourself right here at Sarahtonin.  Massages, manicures, pedicures, body wraps, champagne, and appetizers....what could be better?


White Water Rafting

Several rivers and sections to choose from.  Another one of our "must-dos" if you have never enjoyed white water and its bounties!  Travel into the mountains and spend the day braving the rapids....ultra fun.


Manuel Antonio Park Tour/Hiking

Have a guide lead you through the most visited park in Costa Rica.  Learn of the jungle's abundance in flora, fauna, and see lots of our local animals.  


Beach Excursions

Come with us to explore other beaches in the area.  Many options are available and essentially why we live here!  We bring beach chairs, beach toys, snacks, drinks, sunscreen, and lively conversations to our most intimate beaches.


Mangrove Tours

Jump into a boat and go explore the rich mangroves of Quepos.  A Twighlight Zone experience if you have never been in the richness of this unique filtering system between land and sea.


Custom Jeep Tour

Get picked up and go explore the mountains, a waterfall, and some country living in our friends' custom open-air jeeps.  Wind in your hair and comfort at your back you will see and learn plenty cruising around the back roads and into the mountains.


Horseback Riding

If horses are your thing this is your tour.  Head off to a waterfall and learn about the jungle around us.



Requiring one day away from Sarahtonin head out to the mountains to glamp along a river, waterfall, and jungle.  How about a bonfire and a locally cooked meal to change up your style for a night?  Tons of comfort even though you will be sleeping in an African-style tent with electricity, a kitchen, a yoga deck, and a waterfall to loose all stress.


Jungle Night Tour

Let the sun set and go explore the jungle with a guide.  Nocturnal animals and a truly different experience you wouldn't want to do this one by yourself.

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