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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


Sarah and Todd met in 2009 at a mutual friend's birthday party down on the beach.  They had both been living in Manuel Antonio and immediately fell in love with the possibilities to come.  Passionate about travel, independence, and both artists in their own right, the relationship blossomed into what you see today.  Previous to building Sarahtonin their off season (September and October) was spent traveling the world by backpack.  Neither are fond of resort style vacations, and they are trying to foster the bed and breakfast into an extension of their family.   Mid-west born and raised, their families are "old school", and they try to live with appreciation for who they are and what they do.


Sarah Yunker was born in Chicago and educated 15 miles northwest in the suburb of Park Ridge.  From an early age and an introduction to the camera from her grandfather who photographed during World War II, Sarah gravitated toward what is now classical photography where she has spent most of her life in the dark room.   She attended Columbia College in downtown Chicago and earning her degree in Photography.  Graduating at a young age she immediately found employment in advertising and began the city girl life only to realize what other possibilities the world had to offer with photography.  Long hours and unmotivated to sell out her talents to the system she moved to Costa Rica for what was initially a year hiatus.  That was a decade and a half ago.  Earning the reputation in town as the "go to" for lifestyle photography, family photo shoots, portraiture, weddings, product, wildlife, and architectural shoots Sarah has been featured in many publications and magazines over the years.  She is always available to capture the moment and her camera hands down is a part of her and her passions.


Todd Pequeen was born and raised in Buffalo, New York then attended George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia earning his Bachelor of Arts in English.  He followed up his education by moving to Telluride, Colorado to pursue his passion for the outdoors.  Skiing, hiking, mountain biking, and traveling out west for a few years he then found himself in South Korea teaching English for to alleviate his student loans.  That led to a year in Japan, several months in Africa, beginning his surf career in Bali, and then a return to the USA for a year of massage school at the NY Institute of Massage.  Todd moved to Costa Rica in May of 2000 and has never looked back.  His free time is spent doing any and everything in the outdoors and pursues life with a positive passion.  


Sarahtonin is a dream realized for both Sarah and Todd.  They rejoice in getting old together and want to share their mid-west upbringing with everyone that visits.  They believe that if you stay with them you were meant to be in their lives.  They want to continue their excitement of travel and to learn from different people of other cultures.  They are proud, independent, free-thinking Individual's that believe in working hard to realize dreams.

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